Masarrat Misbah STAY ON BLUSHER
A long-wearing, buildable blush powder that provides a pop of color for a, natural-looking cheek for all skin tones. WHAT IS IT? You need a blush that lasts hours, not minutes, right? Our Stay on Blusher formula provides a long...
A Pro-essential highlighter palette with four intensely illuminating shades that give a fresh dewy look to a high impact glow. WHAT IS IT? Highlight Edition I Palette contains high-impact luminizers that can be worn individually or blended together for a...
CHRISTINE Professional Highlighter 4 Color Kit
Suitable for all skin tones and skin types, with delicate texture, the product is rich in soft reflective ions which could contour and highlight your face. You could say goodbye to your dark and flat face by using it. The...
CHRISTINE Professional Blush-On 4 Color Kit
All-day wear: formula feels comfortable throughout the day High pigment: bold color in one swipe Fall out resistant: easy to apply, cream-like bronzer and blush Infused with rich emollients: made with skin-smoothing ingredients Does not cake or fade: formula is...
CHRISTINE Glitter Dust
CHRISTINE Glitter Dust
Vibrant and true to its color Thumbs down for Not self-adhesive Great fall out if used dry Easily available Super affordable Sturdy packaging Tends to crease if used heavily wet or eyes opened before it dries Made from high quality...
CHRISTINE Creamy Glitter Eye & Face
Vibrant and true to its color Sturdy packaging Not self-adhesive Great fall out if used dry Tends to crease if used heavily wet or eyes opened before it dries  Tips for Application: Use a wet brush (preferably wet with a...
CHRISTINE 2 In 1 Blush On Kit
Highly pigment texture, easy to blend. This cheek colors creates a natural and long-lasting makeup effect, defines your cheekbones, warms and brightens your complexion. Micronized powder blends seamlessly, no harsh lines or clown cheeks, adds instant color and leaves face...
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