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Adidas Fresh Cool Mint Hydrating Shower Gel For Women - 400ml

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Adidas Fresh Cool Mint Both shower gels create a nice can double up as a bubble bath. I like that while Fresh contains a bit of menthol, it isn’t riddled with it. In fact, you can’t really smell all that much mint; to me, I get more of a fresh green apple type of smell. I reckon it’s the perfect shower gel to toss into your gym bag when you want that cool, fresh feeling after sweating it out on the treadmill. As for Smooth, this is my favorite of the two. It’s got a soft white floral scent with a hint of red berries in it. I like that it makes a super creamy, soft-feeling lather, has added vitamin E and the little ‘micro pearls’ feel good on your skin. Each one is perfectly round so they won’t scratch or irritate your body. Alas, they’re also not going to do a darn thing in regards to exfoliating so you’re still going to have to reach for your loofah.
  • A Scent To Suit Your Every Mood.
  • Adidas Fresh Cool Mint Think Energizing ‘Vitality’, Comforting ‘Relax’, Moisturizing Protect And So On.
  • I Got To Try Exfoliating ‘Smooth’ And Cool Mint-Infused Fresh.
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