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CHRISTINE Creamy Glitter Eye & Face

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  • Vibrant and true to its color
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Not self-adhesive
  • Great fall out if used dry
  • Tends to crease if used heavily wet or eyes opened before it dries

 Tips for Application:

  • Use a wet brush (preferably wet with a setting spray)  to pack the glitters over the lid
  • When the glitter is still wet apply dry glitter with the help of your fingers and pack to the density you like.
  • Always use a setting spray after you are done to lock the makeup in place and avoid falling out of glitters.
  • Don't use lash glue for these glitters, that will require a lot of amount of glitter and will be difficult to remove afterward.
  • Apply eyeliner after the glitter application, this will give you clean eyeliner. Applying eyeliner before with get it all glittery and you have to apply it again.
  • Let the glitter dry without opening your eyes to much, this will prevent it from early creasing. 
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